Paladin Gerald

quest giver


Gerald has requested the PC’s bring him the names and other relivent information of chaos mages in the Silver City, he is willing to pay 250 gold for every name.

Gerald could be found in the Light District of Silver City, in the First Temple of Heronious.

He is now in prison after a live fire suspect apprehension mission went horribly wrong, leading to the deaths of 10 initiates after powerful chaos mage threw a chaos fireball centered on the general.

The PC’s have dispatched the mad mage and his errant apprentices, but the loss of life is a horribly stain on an otherwise spotless career.

As his last request before sending himself to prison for reckless endangerment, he had the [party name here] established to regulate the chaos mages, and if necessary, nullify any threat one might pose to the good people of Silver City.


Paladin Gerald is a patriot in the extreme. He is a founding member of the Silver City counsel. As Paladin Commander of Heronious, he is leader of all fighting men and women who follow the god of valor, seconded only by the Paladin Lord in authority.

Gerald believes that chaos mages are a threat to the peace, and is willing to use his influence, as well as personal wealth, to ensure that these arcane practitioners are identified and regulated for the public good.

Gerald is 56, has grey hair, wears unhelmed fullplate with the sword of Heronious on the breastplate, and wields a maul named Mercy.

Paladin Gerald

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