Tommy and Jerry

Child adepts at chaos magic


Only able to manifest magic at a cast DC 15 or lower, but being able to do so at 6 years of age is quite extraordinary. They have a high charisma and work well together, able to manifest spells together that neither could manage separately.

Recently they boys have been taken into City custody from a holding house they previously lived in. In exchange for keeping the boys well fed, healthy, and entertained (much to the chagrin of the nurse on duty), the young adepts tell their “uncles” something about the nature of the magic they wield. Observing the boys at play tells officials the limits of chaos magic.

Tommy and Jerry are constantly entertained by chaos magic, having an innate attunement with it. Manifestations are a source of constant amusement, they typically enjoy creating bright lights, strobing flashes and even crude illusions.

They are currently residing at a newly built Bright Heart daycare center for the children of city workers, in the First residential district.


The boys are afflicted with the path of Crying Light, (an adaption of the path of Screaming Shadows, cuz it wouldn’t be chaos if it was predictable). Their hair is white and glows with the light of a torch in shadowy illumination. Their eyes, nose and even mouth, also glow with the light of hooded lanterns, as if their very blood is liquid light.

A mental side effect of this is sever achluophobia (fear of the dark). Although they illuminate the area around themselves, they cant stand darkness and what may lurk there. The boys stay in brightly lite areas at night, but even then, they become extremely nervous after sunset, any fast movement or loud noises near them at this time is likely to be buffeted away by a bubble of light they jointly manifest.

Tommy and Jerry

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