Jake Riot

200 year old Psion/Arcanist


Classes: Psion Kineticist 3/Wizard 3/Cerebremancer 4.

Caster lvl 7; Manifester lvl 10

Race: Elan

Alignment: N

  • Str: 10 (+0)
  • Dex: 12 (+1)
  • Con: 14 (+2)
  • Int: 20 (+5)
  • Wis: 10 (+0)
  • Cha: 10 (+0)
  • Fort: +5
  • Ref: +4
  • Will: +10

Base Attack: +4

Hit Points: 60

Armor Class: 11

  • Collegiate Wizard (1st Level; CArc p181)
  • Elan Resilience, Enhanced (CPsi p52)
  • Empower Power
  • Extraordinary Concentration (CAdv p109)
  • Practiced Manifester

Powers Known

Close Range: 50'; Medium Range: 200'; Long Range: 800'
1st lvl powers
  1. Mind Thrust
  2. Synchronicity (CPsi p269)
  3. Vigor
  4. Precognition, Defensive
  5. Deja Vu
2nd lvl powers
  1. Energy Missile
  2. Concussion Blast
  3. Energy Push
  4. Energy Stun
3rd lvl powers
  1. Body Adjustment
  2. Energy Cone
  3. Energy Lance (CPsi p87)
  4. Dispel Psionics
4th lvl powers
  1. Control Body
  2. Shadow Eft (Cpsi p98)

Spells Known

0 lvl spells
  1. Detect Magic (PH p219)
  2. Read Magic (PH p269)
  3. Resistance (PH p272)
  4. Mending (PH p253)
  5. Prestidigitation (PH p264)
  6. Arcane Mark (PH p201)
1st lvl spells
  1. Endure Elements (PH p226)
  2. Protection from Chaos (PH p266)
  3. Shield(PH p278)
  4. Identify (PH p243)
  5. Charm Person (PH p209)
  6. Distract Assailant (CAdv p146)
  7. Glimpse of Fear (DR333 p71)
  8. Feather Fall (PH p229)
  9. Expeditious Retreat, Swift (CAdv p149)
  10. Disguise Self (PH p222)
  11. Know Protections(MoF p104)
2nd lvl spells
  1. Fox’s Cunning (PH p233)
  2. Alter Self (PH p197)
  3. Detect Thoughts (PH p220)
  4. Touch of Idiocy (PH p294)
  5. Invisibility (PH p245)
  6. Mirror Image (PH p254)
  7. Phantasmal Assailants (CArc p117)
  8. Shadow Spray (FR p74)
4th lvl spells
  1. Otiluke’s Dispelling Screen (CArc p116)
  2. Remove Curse
  3. Solid Fog (PH p281)
  4. Confusion (PH p212)

Variants Used

Chains of Disbelief (Ex): Even if a viewer disbelieves and illusion created by an illusionist using this variant and communicates the details of the illusion to other creatures, those creatures do not get a +4 bonus to disbelieve the illusion. Furthermore, even when presented with incontrovertible proof that an illusion is not real, creatures must still succeed a will save to see objects and creatures that the illusion obscures, although they get a +10 bonus on their saving throw. An illusionist using this variant permanently gives up the ability to obtain a familiar.

Shadow Shaper: An illusionist with this variant does not gain bonus feats
  • At 1st lvl, Hide is treated as a class skill for the illusionist.
  • At 5th lvl, the illusionist may add her intelligence modifier to her hide checks, in addition to dexterity.
  • At 10th lvl, the illusionist’s illusion spells gain a +1 bonus to their DCs, which stacks with spell focus feats.
  • At 15th lvl, the illusionist may hide in plain sight.
  • At 20th lvl, in any condition that would grant concealment, the illusionist instead gains total concealment (as if invisible).

The Elan transformation process completely reforms the body and awakens the mind to the world of psionic power within. The body becomes suffused with psionic energy, whereafter it is mentally maintained by the subject’s own mind. Like all Elans, Jake doesn’t need to eat and drink to nourish his body, he can meditate to clean and regulate it, and his body no longer ages. Rather than falling unconscious to sleep, Elans enter a meditative trace, similar to elves, during which they saturate their bodies with their own psionic energy to maintain its extraordinary qualities.

Jake was human once, many years ago. His memories of that brief life are hazy and frayed, as if a dream; an unpleasant life he is yet still glad he gave up. Early in the adolescence of his human life, he displayed the spark of psionic potential; a rare gift among humans. Through the fog of his memories, Jake can barely make out the figure of the Elan man who offered to give him a new life. At the age of 18, Jake was reborn as an Elan, leaving his miserable human life behind forever.

[A more thorough biography coming soon. This is a super short version] After his awakening, Jake devoted his time to nothing other than the persuit of mastery of psionics and the arcane. After learning what he could from mere studying, and subsequently feeling that his life was empty, he set out to experience life, meet people, and immerse himself in the infinite mystery that is his world. Throughout his travels, he has encountered people good and evil, war, monsters, love, and loss.

Physical Description

Jake’s appearance is indistinguishable from a normal human. However, the Elan transformation gave him a body whose function is superior to a human body in most ways. He stands just under 6 feet tall, with short, fine auburn hair. He has an athletic build and a tan complexion, which reflects his many years of travel. Though 200 years old, he looks every year of 18, the age at which he was transformed. Jake prefers not to wear anything on his torso, preferring the feel of the air on his skin in addition to finding upper body clothing inconvenient for somatic spell casting. A defining feature of his is a huge, branching fractal psionic tatoo that covers his back and chest. It has a deep symbolism to him, reflecting the infinite mysteries of the universe and his branching understanding of it all.


Jake has grown mentally and emotionally over his long life. Early in his awakened life, he was thoroughly obsessed with mastering the psionic power within and the arcane power of the universe without. He has since matured to the point of seeing that there is an entire world of infinite possibilities beyond magic and psionics and a life that is his to live as he desires.

Jake is pragmatic and insightful. His staggering intellect gives him a vast knowledge and understanding of a great many things, while his mastery of psionics and the arcane allows him exceptional freedom in manipulating the forces that move the world. His studies, training, travels and experiences have made him a cunning spell caster and a tough survivor.

He tends not to become attached to people and things, a trait which has been heightened by his loss of two loves and the ephemeral (from his point of view) nature of individual people and things. He does however have strong emotions for places, which do not change in the same way life does. The Goldheart mountains are full of intrigue and fascination, but also bitter memories. While the Ironwood forests are conjure thoughts of danger, beauty, and allure, but also of loss and longing. And the Coryn plains, the place of his birth, his transformation, and his eventual return, fills him with hope, promise, and security, and is his favorite place in the world.

Jake’s experiences over the centuries have made him keenly aware that he is not human. He understands that the world is overwhelmingly inhabited by humans and the ephemeral races (as he sees them), and that civilization is theirs; and although he looks human, and poses as one, he cannot fully identify with them. Because of this, he always feels awkward in his interactions with normal people (this is reflected by the Elan -2 Cha penalty).

Quirk: A peculiar trait of his is his ability to move his psionic tattoo over his body with a thought. The fractal pattern undulates and twists, almost in 3 dimensions as it moves across his skin. He tends to do this whenever he is thinking deeply. It helps calm and focus his mind, and reminds him to be circumspect in all things. This display can be quite bizzare, and possibly bewildering, to onlookers.


Jake’s human life is a barely visible memory in the back of his mind, but he has no memory or knowledge of the Elan transformation process. Nor can he accurately remember any of the Elans that performed the process.

His first wife, a human woman, left him when he revealed to her his aberrant nature, and that he could not provide her with the children she desired. His second love, a venerable elven woman, lived out her last years with him and is now gone. The attachment to, and subsequent loss of people has jaded and embittered him to a degree. He prefers to never say hello so he’ll never have to say goodbye.


Jake’s life has taken him all over the spectrum of alignment. His current dealings with chaos magic have slanted his world view against chaos a bit. He has always viewed evil as a corruption of character, and as such, a weakness of the mind and spirit. His personal conviction is that overall neutrality is ideal. How that will affect his current goal of eliminating the threat posed by rampant chaos magic remains to be seen.

Even though the people around him will not live long (from his point of view), he still respects their right to life, the same as his own. Experience with normal people has taught him that even a short life can be a wonderful one.


The gods created the world, but the nature of the universe itself is beyond their control. As such, Jake sees the gods simply as very powerful sentient beings, about as different from himself as he is to normal people (deific power aside). Jake understands why people worship and venerate deities, but does not see a reason to do so himself. Jake has only breathed a single prayer in his entire life; to grant himself and his first wife the blessing of a child despite his aberrant nature. His prayer went unanswered.


Upon returning to the Silver City from his many travels, Jake became aware of a new form of magic. Chaos magic. Immediately, he understood the danger, but he needed to understand more about it. Without actually grasping at the primal forces of chaos, he studied what he could of it. His conclusion was that it was more dangerous and uncontrollable than typical arcane energies. After analyzing the recent events in Silver City, he now understands the threat of chaos magic isn’t just great, it may be cataclysmic. For the sake of the one place he can call home, he feels he must endeavor to stop the threat. Note: The individuals that live in the city mean less to him than the city itself.

Jake Riot

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