This campaign is a prequel to our 4E campaign, currently the forest of Ironwood, the mountain of Gold Heart and the plains of Coryn are pristine, things arnt perfect, but a balance has long been established between the city states and strong trade relations ensure no one goes hungry.

The city of focus currently is Silver City, a religious center in the middle of the Coryn plains, every faith has a temple in Silver city, some say it was the birthing ground of gods long past, other scholars believe the veil between the material plain and positive energy plain to be weaker there. Whatever the case, divine casters feel at peace in the city, closer to their gods than anywhere else on earth.

Because every faith, good and evil, makes a home in Silver City, antiviolence laws are strictly enforced, offensive magics are regulated, and some magic items (inteligent items, wands of fireball, ect.) are outright banned except in home defense or to be used by law enforcement. Punishments for breaking these laws is severe and capital punishment is a light sentence compared to some.

Victimless crimes are legal in Silver city, if only to keep the chaotic temples happy after being bound by so many antiviolence regulations. Prostitution, opium, gambling and other vices are allowed in the red-light district, but are laden with more taxes then other, more wholesome, businesses.

Which brings us to current events in Silver City. Census scribes have noted more and more ‘sorcerers’ arriving in the city. These men, women, and yes sometimes children, have exhibited bizzare mutations, more often than not physical, but sometimes mental as well: men with flaming eyes and fiery tempers throwing curses for every imagined slight, women with leaves for hair and thorny skin talking to birds, children with glowing skin and brilliant eyes shrieking with unbound terror at night…

The Silver City has never turned anyone away from its gates, even those who would be dubbed strange by most, but its officials recognize the danger of this new magic. The practitioners themselves admit the path they walk is perilous, that even the most innocent of incantations carries with it a minute risk of madness, pain, and death, but this, they say, is the price of power.

So, much like arcane magic and divine magic, this ‘chaos magic’, must be regulated, and the PC’s have been hired to enforce these regulations and bring the chaos mages to heel for the good of all.

But chaos abhors law, and those who wield this primal force will not be easily cowed.

Warped Future

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